Submission Guidelines

We are currently accepting guest Blogs!

Relish Your Life Now is an online coaching platform that uses the expertise of Success and Empowerment Coach Michelle D. Lee to motivate people to achieve their personal and professional goals. Relish Your Life Now reaches audiences around the world.

It does so through its huge following on various social media handles. This following constitutes of audiences that are not only willing to listen and heal but also to give out support and advice through their comments. This means that you get insights from people from various walks of life which gives the website a unique standing.

There are no restrictions on who can submit their posts for a place on the blog. The only deal is that the content must always be original and not published anywhere before this. Other than that, no matter what age you are or where you live, you can write for the blog and you do not even need to be an expert in writing for your submission.

Why Should You Contribute?

But the question remains, why should you even contribute your original content to Relish Your Life Now? Well, here is why:

  • Your writing gets exposure and promotion from millions of people around the world on different media. In addition, the blog itself serves as a huge platform for your content.
  • The community at Relish Your Life Now is one of the most responsive ones around the world. The feedback comes in from several different avenues including comments on site and on the social channels. This helps you improve and grow through the feedback.
  • You get a platform to promote yourself to a huge audience with your bio that is linked to every post you make and connects your personal site to the huge forum. Furthermore, you can update this bio at any point in time in accordance with your site.

Guidelines in Writing


  • Keep your content personal and relatable. The more relatable it is the more people want to read it. But just making it relatable will not cut it. Your blog posts needs to be practical. If it is clichéd, you probably will not have much off a following for your
  • For guest Blog submissions, try to get a word count between 500 to 1000 words. Aim for blog topics that have a business theme and are current. Of course, this in no way implies that you substitute quality for quantity but having reasonable amount of information to relay to your readers places you at a position of authority.
  • Interesting starting is the real hook for your content. If a reader likes your starting, the chances that they will go through your entire post increases. To get a great starting for your post, you should make use of an interesting quote about the topic you choose to write on. However, use a quote that comes from an authority on your subject and not just song lyrics or quotes from the pop culture.
  • Making your post personalized helps people connect with you. Moreover, it gives you a chance to connect with people who have had the same experiences as you have. This can be beneficial especially when you write about a tragedy that struck you. But it is not all about making your writing personal. It is about inspiring empathy in your readers so that they can understand exactly what happened and how you dealt with the tragedy. To do this, you can answer more than just what happened. For instance, include details of who was there, how it started, what you learned, who else was involved and so on.
  • Avoid conflicting topics and controversial ideas in your post. If you write about religion, there is a huge chance that you not only offend people from any other religion but even perhaps people from your own because of a different interpretation of the same thing. Other topics to avoid include topics that are gender-specific. This clearly signifies that picking the right topic has a huge bearing on your posts.
  • Avoid overselling your personal experiences and previous work. If you are writing about a field that you yourself specialize in and have carried out huge amounts of work before, there is a huge probability that you will try to sneak in that work to promote it. This, however, is not recommended for your own good. Your readers will slowly begin to doubt your worth as a writer if you keep doing this and eventually stop reading. All promotion that you want to do should be in your bio. You can submit a bio of fifty words or less at the bottom of your post and include as many links as you like.
  • Always submit original, content that you wrote yourself. Plagiarizing tarnishes your reputation because even if the software doesn’t catch you, chances are that millions of people that read your content have probably read the source of your article.
  • Short sentences and short paragraphs will get you success. The more complex you try to make your sentences the more chances of you forming run-on sentences. This will help you keep your paragraphs short, which creates a visual ease for the reader.


How to Submit

All your stories can be submitted to us by reaching out to us at Moreover, the same may be used to reach out in case of any queries related to submissions or terms of use and privacy statement.

Please include the title of your post in the subject line. Your posts are to be submitted in word format with your details. This ensures edits that we undertake for grammar and clarity. This may even include changing the title of your posts. Usually we only undertake minor edits in your articles. However, if time comes and we do make a major change, we will contact you to approve the proposed change first.

When your blog gets approved and we are posting your post on the blog, you will be given a reply within a week. However, if you do not, you can keep sending in more posts.