Speaking Up Can Be Good For Your Health.

One way to lower your stress level is to speak up, and get things off your chest. By doing this, you can often get things out in the open that are bothersome to you instead of keeping these feelings inside, letting them build up and lead to possible emotional and physical consequences.

By letting others know what is on your mind in a tactful manner of course, you are able to set boundaries of behavior that you will tolerate.

This tactic can actually improve your mental health because you are not keeping things inside you and letting them gnaw away at you. Failure to speak up when something is bothering you can lead to stress and anxiety issues over time, which if left unchecked can wreak havoc on your immune system leading to weight issues, sleep disturbances,  head and body aches, high blood pressure, heart disease, or perhaps even physical confrontations with others.

For example, if you dislike the fact that a co-worker is constantly putting you down in front of other people, you have a right to speak up and let that person know that you find their behavior bothersome. If you continue to remain silent, and the co-worker continues his or her behavior you are doing a disservice to yourself and to that person.

Furthermore, it’s just like when you turn the stove on to heat something in a pot, it takes a while for the contents to boil, but sooner or later, if left on the burner, the contents will boil, so too can our emotions reach a boiling point over time. The trick is to learn to speak up before this boiling point occurs thereby possibly preventing a crisis situation.

If speaking up still does not help remedy the situation, you can learn to accept your circumstance by viewing it in a more positive light.