Snacking can keep you from starving between meals, and help you lose weight.

Although most of us grew up hearing that we should eat three square meals a day to be healthy, and to avoid eating between meals since it might ruin your lunch or dinner, more and more evidence now shows that snacking can actually be beneficial to your waistline.
Why is this so? Well, nibbling between meals can help to control your appetite so you are less likely to starve when lunch or dinner rolls around, so you are less likely to overeat, and when you do not overeat, you can lose weight.
Eating foods that contain only about 100 to 150 calories can tide you over until your next meal without wrecking your appetite completely.
Thankfully many companies are jumping on the bandwagon and providing low calorie snacks to a more health conscious nation since doing this can benefit their bottom line as well.
There are a variety of low-calorie snacks to choose from including:
• A piece of fruit
• Vegetables slices
• String cheese
• Microwave popcorn
• Nuts, especially walnuts and almonds
• Crackers
Many of your favorite foods can be eaten as snacks, yes, even junk food, in moderation of course. It is always helpful to read labels provided on your food packaging to truly get an idea of serving sizes and calories.
It’s just nice to know that you can have your favorite snack and eat it too and still fit into that little black dress, or favorite pair of trousers that used to be too small.