The Act Of Smiling Can Improve Your Mood

Yes, you can feel better simply by smiling. Why, is this so, because it takes a bit of effort to maneuver your muscles in your face to smile, and while you are doing this, you are not focusing so much on whatever may or may not be troubling you at the moment.

And when your mood improves you are less likely to feel stressed, depressed, or feel overwhelmed. You are more likely to view things with a more positive attitude.

Smiling also can have wonderful consequences for the people around you as well. Simply smiling in another person’s presence can impact that person in a positive way. It can help them feel better as well. A smile on your face can improve relations with your family members, co-workers, even strangers that you encounter along the way.

So why not turn that frown upside down and not only enjoy better health for yourself, but help make life a little brighter for those around you as well