An often overlooked, but necessary trait to have for good health

According to the Oxford Cambridge English Dictionary, optimism is defined as, “hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something…”
It can be difficult to remain hopeful when your child has gotten off course, and despite your good intentions to help your child do better, nothing seems to work. If you remain optimistic that your child will eventually succeed, you will have a better time working through this heart-wrenching experience.
It can be hard to have confidence after going through a divorce that leaves you feeling devastated and defeated. However, by maintaining an optimistic spirit, you can realize that there may be someone better suited for you in the future.
It can be darn near impossible to believe that you will be successful in getting that promotion that you deserve especially when you have been passed over for it several times in the past. You may even start to doubt your abilities and your future. Nevertheless, by remaining optimistic that things will turn out for the best, you can avoid unnecessary worry, heartbreak, and stress over this situation.
Life can be thought of a journey that contains twists and turns, along with hills and valleys. But it is a journey that will ultimately get you to where you need to be.
Although the month of March can be thought of as a time to search for four-leaf-clovers that can hopefully bring you good luck, when you remain optimistic about your life and your circumstances, you don’t have to search for good luck because you realize that good luck will find you.