Ignorance is Not Bliss When it Comes to Men’s health.

Many men take their health for granted. They will spend hundreds of dollars on a new set of wheels for their favorite car, or splurge on the latest electronics, and they will even shell out thousands of dollars on a new handgun or firearm. But when it comes to their own bodies, these same me often come up with excuses for not exercising, and not eating right and not taking care of their health.

What is worse is that these men often ignore the warning signs that their bodies give them until it almost too late. Then these same men wonder why they are unhealthy and often are surprised when they suffer from heart attacks, strokes, and are diagnosed with various diseases that could have been prevented with basic proper health maintenance.

According to an online article from, “Scientific American,” titled, “Why is life expectancy longer for women than it is for men?” higher levels of testosterone found in men has been linked to higher incidences of violence and risk-taking behaviors, which include smoking, alcoholism, poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, reckless driving, etc.

Furthermore, it is mentioned in the article that the “U.S. male life expectancy was 73.4 years for males and 80.1 years for females.”
Although these are stark differences in life expectancy for males, once more of them start realizing the importance of taking care of their health, they may be able to reduce their incidences of ill-health and increase their life expectancy.