Eating A Good Breakfast Can Help You Live Longer And Weigh Less.

Most of us as children were taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many of us after we grow older tend to skip this all-important first meal of the day.

Some of us have a tendency to think that the old rules we followed when were children living under our parents roof no longer apply once we become adults.

We often make excuses, that we are too busy to eat something in the morning because we have to get our own children off to school and get ready for work ourselves.

Other excuses for missing out on breakfast is that we don’t like “breakfast foods,” even though there is no law that says we have to eat only cereal, or eggs and bacon and hash browns first thing in the morning. “Breakfast” literally means breaking the fast, or finally putting some food in your mouth since the night before, and does not mean settling for only coffee or juice. Breakfast foods are as endless as one’s imagination.

Furthermore, studies show that people who eat breakfast on a regular basis often weigh less and live longer than people who skip breakfast much of the time.

So, go ahead and get off to a great start to your morning by eating something for breakfast that is not only good tasting, but good for you as well.