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Start The New Year Off Right

Make New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the year. It is customary in some cultures to do so. But how many people follow through on their resolutions. There is no way to tell for sure, but the number of resolution...

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Tis The Season To Not Get Stressed Out

Learning To Not Be So Stressed During The Holidays Can Boost Your Health Stressing out too much during the holiday season can put a damper on not only your mood, but your health as well. When you are stressed to the max, it can negatively affect your judgment, raise...

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Healthier Halloween Treats

Healthy Treats That Aren't So Tricky On The Waistline Ah yes! Halloween. That time of year when it's ok to indulge in your favorite sweets. Unfortunately, many people overindulge to the point of packing on the calories way too much. A simple way to avoid those extra...

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Snack and Still Lose Weight

Snacking can keep you from starving between meals, and help you lose weight. Although most of us grew up hearing that we should eat three square meals a day to be healthy, and to avoid eating between meals since it might ruin your lunch or dinner, more and more...

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Happiness Happens

Being Happy Is a Choice So many times, people put off being happy until some arbitrary date in the future. For instance, when they lose 40 pounds, or when they receive that long-awaited promotion at work, or when they retire. When actuality, they can choose to be...

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Speak Up!

Speaking Up Can Improve Your Health. One way to lower your stress level is to speak up and get things off your chest. By doing this, you can often get things out in the open that were bothersome to you instead of keeping these feelings inside and letting them build...

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Rebuild Your Life

June is Rebuild Your Life Month It's helpful to remember that we are in control of our lives more than we realize, which means we are where we are in life primarily because of the choices made along the way. For example, if we do not like our job because it's too...

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Smile Your Way to Better Health

The Act Of Smiling Can Improve Your Mood Yes, you can feel better simply by smiling. Why, is this so, because it takes a bit of effort to maneuver your muscles in your face to smile, and while you are doing this, you are not focusing so much on whatever may or may not...

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How to Lose Those Last 5 Pounds

Tips to Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal Have you noticed that losing those last five pounds are the hardest. Your body seems to want to keep some extra pounds around for reserves just in case there is a famine in the near future. It has no way of knowing that you...

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