Ways to Be Of Good Cheer

Holiday times are supposed to be full of joy and laughter, unfortunately, many people experience unhappiness and even sadness during these times.

​The good news is that by engaging in a few mood-boosting activities, spirits can be uplifted.

​1) Eat healthy – While it is so tempting to load up on Christmas cookies, mouth-watering pies, and grandma’s delicious fudge, consuming these goodies at the expense of other healthier alternatives can lead to lack of energy and vitality. Don’t forget to include your fruits and veggies throughout the day; Stay hydrated by drinking enough water usually six to eight glasses it what to aim for; Try to consume a variety of foods, including carbohydrates, and protein; Watch your food portions, meaning, you can have your cake and eat it too, just don’t eat the whole cake at one time.

2) Stay physically active – Instead of just sitting around doing nothing, get back into life by doing the things that bring you joy whatever they are; going for a walk, engaging in early spring cleaning, volunteering your time;

3) Stay mentally alert – Studies show that once people graduate from school, they read less. Reading the newspaper or your favorite magazine, or other material keeps your mind occupied and can be lots of fun.

4) Turn on the lights – This can be an instant mood booster.

5) Give thanks – Remember the reason for the season. When you are truly thankful for all that you already have, you are less likely to feel depressed about what you do not have.