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Let’s face it; we all hit rough patches in life, and feel that our lives are going in circles, rather than driving forward. Sometimes we get into a rut and need a little extra push to get out. It happens to everyone, especially me.

Coming out of a rough patch of my own with some help, I decided to devote myself to becoming a life coach, and then assisting others out of their own rut. With years as a life coaching experience already under my belt, I want to be the person to help you get your life going again like I was helped, and to see you bloom into the person we both know you truly are.

Let’s Make It Easier!

Getting your life back on track is not something that is a simple solution that is easy. Life is not easy! However, just like training your body and your brain, training yourself to navigate through life’s twists and turns takes time, energy, devotion, and a willingness to strive forward and be better.

While easier said than done, this is where my services come in and help you along this path – like a personal trainer or private tutor!

I personally guarantee that you will feel your life start to turn around quickly.

While fully getting it on track does take time, there is an incredibly powerful moment that occurs when a person first decides to reach out and seize their life to direct it in the way they want again. We will find this first surge for you, together, and we will build off it, and utilize that moment to drive you forward and get your life back to excellence again, one day at a time.

Let’s get started!

Corporate Coaching

Life Coaching Services are Available for Corporations. Contact Michelle for further information.

Group Coaching

Life coaching services are available for two or more individuals wanting to relish their lives now!

Individual Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions are available for individuals wanting to improve areas of their life that are out of sync.


Michelle did a great job in helping me deal with the stress I was experiencing in my life… Michelle got me to focus back on what was good and what I gained from both exercise and meditation. She helped me to link together in my mind and body why those two things are important to me.

…The session helped me focus on feelings of accomplishment by getting myself back to the present moment in body and mind in order to lower my stress or anxiety that had started to creep back into my life recently.

Richard Thompson

Personal Performance | Retail Business Coach, London, England

Michelle suggested to me to put my time out of work to good use by eating healthy, exercising and remaining positive. her guidance helped me lose 50 lbs., and she showed me how to keep the weight off as well. Just recently, she helped me through another crisis involving a family member who was experiencing health issues.

I would recommend Michelle Lee as a life coach. She has a wonderful heart and soul.

Mike Fletcher

Accountant, Las Vegas, Nevada

Michelle is simply a breath of fresh air. I know that doesn’t sound very professional, but it’s true. When dealing with people, Michelle is very professional yet accessible without any false pretext. It’s that sincere and genuine giving spirit that makes Michelle so endearing. Michelle is a well sought-after friend, speaker, consultant and mentor. I most surely recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a life coach. Michelle is worth the trouble. Anyone associating with Michelle is a winner in my book!

Graham Odenyo

Independent Marketing Representative, Atlanta, Georgia

Michelle has been my life coach on and off since June 2013. She has helped me deal with a lot of issues that I was not able to deal with on my own… She has been an empathetic listener who has inspired me to not focus on my problems but to concentrate on arriving at solutions. She always challenges me to be my very best. Her sense of integrity is inspiring. The qualities I would use to describe Michelle are: consistency, honesty, considerate, uplifting, encouraging, nonjudgmental, mindful and she knows what she is talking about.

Cynthia G

Entrepreneur, Las Vegas, Nevada

Michelle is wonderful at helping me to sort out my work-related issues and has helped me arrive at various ways of handling stress more effectively.  She has also suggested different ways to tackle my weight loss, which include making sure that healthy snacks are a part of my daily routine and remembering to treat myself every so often with my favorite foods so that I don’t feel deprived.  Michelle is very easy to talk to, listens well and without being judgmental.  I look forward to our sessions each week.

Freda C

Entrepreneur, Las Vegas, Nevada

Michelle is a great Life Coach and worked with me during a time in my life that I needed a guidance, support and vision of my own life.  Her deep, caring nature along with her fabulous expertise helped me to see a “part of me” that I was subconsciously trying not to.  I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for great coaching results.

Angie R

Life Coach & Speaker, Houston, Texas

In the time that I have worked with Michelle, I find that her professionalism and enthusiasm has inspired me in my Ph. D studies at the University of Sedona as well as my career goals in Holistic Life Coaching.  Michelle always “goes that extra mile” in giving her time and energy to me in our sessions.  I know that with her guidance and mentoring I will be a successful Life Coach for my clients in the Southwestern part of Arizona for the years to come.  I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking professional Life Coaching.

Holistic Life Coach, Kingman, Arizona

Michelle brings a great sense of humor and caring to each of her interactions.  She is a joy to be around.  She is a great resource for people who are looking to make changes.  I am grateful to have her as part of my team as she has helped me and my business grow.  She has a great deal of insight and is wonderful at getting her creative ideas across.  I’m sure she will be a great addition to your life and business.  Thanks, Michelle, for the wonderful job you do.

Ken G

Professional Trainer, West Jordan, UT