Dateless and Happy on Valentine’s Day

Dateless and Happy on Valentine’s Day

Be Your Own Valentine on Valentine’s Day For Better Health

While February is one of the most romantic months of the year because couples can show how much they care for one another through their actions, gifts and by exchanging chocolates, what do you do if you don’t have a valentine to share your time with?

For all you singles ladies, why not stop stressing about your weight for one day and go ahead and indulge in your favorite chocolate or other treat to boost your mood and your health. You may have heard the good news that chocolate especially dark chocolate is full of wonderful antioxidants, in addition to several beneficial vitamins that can improve your health. Just make sure not to eat too much of your favorite sweet treat at one time of course to avoid added pounds for you and frowns from your dentist.

For all you guys out there wishing you had a special lady to spoil on Valentine’s Day, no need to fret. Why not go ahead and call up that special someone you’ve been thinking about, assuming she is available, of course, and ask her out on a date. Who knows she may have been hoping you were going to ask her out and just may say yes. And worse come to worse, if she says no, think of the money you saved by not having to pay her way.

Valentine’s Day can still be happy even if it ends up being a party for one by remembering that you can be your very own Valentine.

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